Commissioning a Mural – how does that work?

Back in December I had a phone call from Rusthall Lodge CareHome. They are in the process of redecorating their premises, and a bright spark on their team had suggested the concept of having a mural painted in the foyer …

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Inspirational wall coverings, Decorex show 2015

Inspiring wall coverings and gorgeous design at Decorex 2015 I woke up bright and breezy on the 20th September, picked up my friend and Interior Designer, Nicky Percival and off we zoomed to Syon Park for the Decorex show. De Gournay stand at Decorex 2015 The sun

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Hand painted murals in shops and cafes

One of my goals is to get into decorating shops and cafes with unique and gorgeous murals as a way of injecting them with individuality and personality. Recently I read a really inspiring article in the Sunday Times called “Wall Candy” (what an amazing name, why didn’t

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CHINOISERIE, as inspiration for home decoration

Chinoiserie, from ‘chinois’ the French for Chinese, was a style inspired by art and design from China, Japan and other Asian countries. (Thank you to the V&A website for that interpretation). Contemporary Chinoiserie exudes exoticism and opulence as a decorative style. As I have a couple of

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